HasOffers Dynamic Global Redirect Offer Wall

HasOffers built in offer groups and GEO restrictions are not flexible enough, and sometimes they tend to confuse visitors. Imagine clicking an offer link in a blog and ending up on a totally different offer page after a couple of redirects. Confusing, right?

We’ve built a SaaS that allows you to add a user-friendly redirect page to your HasOffers network.

Some of the features include:

  • Offer Group Rotation: Show similar offers and rotate them depending on their weight. Only one offer is displayed at a time to avoid confusing a visitor.
  • Offer GEO Filtering: Display only offers that match visitor’s​ GEO.
  • Global Redirect: When there are no offers for a visitor’s GEO, he can be automatically redirected to a 3rd party monetization solution.
  • Exit Intent & Back Click Popup: Try to collect visitor’s email when he tries to leave the page.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Observe CTR of all offers and see real-time reports.