Solutions & Services

Every affiliate network and a program is unique, though they have similar problems. In addition to non-standard tasks, I have a set of solutions to deal with common affiliate marketing related problems. Get in touch and I will:

Cut HasOffers CDN media delivery costs

Many HasOffers based affiliate networks suffer from high costs for serving image banners. Even a small network owner can find himself paying hundreds of dollars extra. To solve this, I will set up a media delivery solution that will cost pennies compared to HasOffers.

Create an advertising network

When an affiliate network needs to build custom advertising network similar to Google Ads. Creative types supported are image banners, HTML and HTML5 ads, text, and video (pre, mid, post-roll) ads. I will set the advertising network up, and teach how to publish creatives and post links from HasOffers or any other platform.

Integrate HasOffers with AppsFlyer

HasOffers and AppsFlyer integration might get confusing for the first time. When you need to launch the campaign right away, I will coordinate everything with AppsFlyer support team, set tracking templates up so they are universal, and enable launching new campaigns quickly.

Integrate HasOffers with Kochava

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