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20% of All Online Purchases in Russia Are Committed Overseas

In 2013 amount of online purchases from foreign retailers has doubled compared to the previous year, as reported by the Online Retailers Association. Average order amount is settled between $45 and $100. The most popular foreign eCommerce were Aliexpress and Alibaba followed by eBay and Amazon, with Taobao closing the TOP5 list.

Customers report that the above mentioned retailers attract them thanks to great selection of products and lucrative prices. Local Russian online retailers are used because of the faster delivery and more transparent return policy.

As more and more retailers from abroad translate their sites into Russia, as is was listed as the main stopping factor to make a first purchase, in the coming year we will definitely see an increase in their share of the Russian eCommerce sector. If Ruble continues to devaluate, especially Asian retailers will see more Russian shopping with them to save.

Source: Original report of the Online Retailers Association.