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eBay Protests Against New Russian Customs Regulation

All Russian eBay users recently got a newsletter describing potential negative impact that new customs regulations might have. It was decided that a private person can now import, i.e .buy in a foreign online store, goods worth only 150 Euro per month (before it was 1000 Euro) without paying any customs fees.

“We consider this might cause a significant negative impact on customers”, — the letter says. It’s also stated that regulation is controversial. People who actually travel abroad may import personal goods worth up to 10 000 Euro per month without customs clearance.

eBay asks it’s users to take part in social vote on the official governmental site Russian Public Initiative support by 62 000 people by now. The new rules are being discussed now and didn’t  affect current purchases. It’s clear why eBay is exited about new regulation – in 2012 Russian purchased from them good for more that $ 400 million.