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18% of Russian Internet Users Shop Online


18% of Russian Internet users frequently purchase goods and services online according to recent polls carried out by Social Opinion Fund among 1500 respondents from 100 cities and towns.

64% users from 10 to 30 years search and download music. 44% watch or download movies.

Some other interesting results include:

  • 73% use Internet for searching information
  • 64% read news
  • 63% spend time in social networks
  • 45% communicate via email
  • 42% browse photos
  • 21% play online games

It’s fair to say that Internet activity mostly included information consumption and entertainment. When it comes to creativity and social or political activities, figures are less impressive:

  • Only 7% took part on online discussions concerning political or social matters
  • 6% looked into social or political parties’ websites
  • 5% donated to charity

Listening to radio, chatting and blogging are least popular online activities among Russians.

Source: SOF.