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Russia Listed Among TOP 5 Online Retail Export Markets

In Modern Spice Routes research prepared by PayPal and Nielsen, Russia was mentioned as:

…one of the five hottest export opportunities for businesses in the US (41%), UK (36%), Germany (75%), Australia (67%), China (55%), and Brazil (168%).

Among the reasons to shop abroad, in addition to more lucrative prices, respondents mentioned wider choice of brands and models compared to the local Russian market. Leading product categories are clothes, shoes and accessories with overall spend over $12.5 billion. Next follow beauty and health products with about $7.6 billion. Consumer electronics account for $6 billion in sales, consumers from Russia purchased house appliances worth $5.4 billion. In addition to this, watches and jewellery result in $5.8 billion worth of sales.

Another indication of Russia becoming one of the major online commerce markets is that major western brands increasing their presence in the region. E.g. PayPal will launch full-scale operation in the mid of August 2013, facilitating secure payments inside the country and abroad. Well known fashion retailer launched it’s affiliate program in (Affiliate Elephant) next to translating their entire website into Russian. I see more and more retailers from USA, UK and continental Europe to demonstrate interest in clients from Russia. And affiliate marketing seems to be their preferred choice due to technological and cultural differences which local affiliate networks and their webmasters are able to solve!